4 Best Reminder Apps for iPhones

In the fast-paced world, the average attention span of people has become shorter. We constantly keep forgetting important things and dates, as we get distracted by other things. While Facebook does remind us when someone’s birthday is due, you may miss out on other tasks such as scheduling an appointment or collecting the laundry.

Well, to help you organize your daily life, there are several useful reminder apps available for iPhones. Here are some of the best reminder apps for your iOS device.

Best Reminder Apps for iOS

1. Any.Do: To-Do List & Calendar 
Any.do is a free app that comes with in-app purchases. You can ass down all your tasks view them in the calendar. The cherry on the cake is that it comes with Siri shortcuts support. For easy management of tasks and reminders, this app is perfect. Its intuitive interface along with real-time updates makes it a hit amongst iPhone owners.

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You can schedule tasks, set daily goals, create lists, etc.

2. Due 

Are you a forgetful person? Is your wedding anniversary approaching soon and you are worried you are going to forget about it, just like last time? Get the Due app. It is available for iPhones. It works as a nagging mother and keeps regularly reminding you regarding the due tasks. Since it keeps nagging, I mean reminding, you to do tasks, it becomes almost impossible to miss anything. The Auto Snooze feature keeps notifying you regarding the missed reminders until you reschedule them or complete them. You can also create recurring reminders and set them to repeat daily or weekly.

3. Wunderlist: To-Do Lists & Tasks 

While Wunderlist is essentially a note-taking app, it works well for setting reminders as well. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage tasks. You can easily create, organize, and schedule tasks with this iPhone app. Just add due dates and set reminders so that you do not forget about any important stuff. Since it synchronizes between your different devices, the stuff contained in the app can be accessed from anywhere.

4. Clear Todos 

Unclutter your iPhone and your life with the Clear Todo app. It allows you to access all your reminders quickly. This colorful app is efficient in managing tasks and setting reminders. To personalizes your app, you can switch between different themes. Moreover, you can synchronize it on iCloud and make it portable.

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